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Did you know that the sort order of Table.Sort will not be kept reliably? 

Learn how to fix that here:


Nathaniel_C Super Contributor
Super Contributor

EARLIER () may be one of the more confusing functions to understand. Many of us deal with it by using an index to track on which row we are located and to which we can refer when writing our DAX formulas. Or we use a date column because of its sequential order. What if we have a date column that has duplicate dates that lead the engine to return an error? What if there is a way to have an Index column to be more than just a signpost? This is what I discovered when answering a question on this forum.


Super User
Super User

Do you remember my previous article about Solving Real Life Problems with Recursive Functions in Power Query? It is about splitting all datetime columns into 2 columns: date and time. It comes in hand if you want to achieve a high compression rate in your dataset, because the less unique values you have in a column the better it can be compressed. In the further article (Date Dimension with Holidays in Power Query) I explained how to create a date dimension in Power Query. What we are still missing is a time dimension.


Administrator sivah

The Power BI engineering team develops and maintains several workshops and classes that are  available to our partners and community leads for free to help them to train their customers and communities

on Power BI. 


ibarrau Senior Member
Senior Member

Learn how to get API calls from the Power BI API without "grant permission" from the authority name in Azure, and code with Python to get the access token and refresh a dataset.


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