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Amit_PowerBIPro Member

What is usage metrics?

Usage metrics is one of the feature in Power BI Service. The usage metrics report will give you an analysis of how many times the content is viewed or share, through which platforms (web or mobile), and by which users.


Power BI Team drubiolo
Power BI Team

Azure Analysis Services (AAS) doesn’t have a native Azure Data Lake Gen 2 (ADLSg2) connector yet, but now there’s a preview of “ADLSg2 Multi-Protocol Access” which allows using Blob’s API to access files in ADLSg2. This post describes a short step-by-step on connecting AAS to ADLSg2 using Blob API.


Super User
Super User

You know that, too. A user calls you and asks when a dataset has been updated for the last time. What do you answer?

I also had this problem but that is over now. And it will become only a memory for you, as well, if you read this article and implement the last timestamp of loading data into your dataset.


Administrator jfeil

Do you belong to a local Power Platform User Group?  Want to let the world know?  Find out how to claim your Community User Group Member badge!


ibarrau Established Member
Established Member

This post will help you to run custom power query code in Power Bi Desktop from a text file hosted on github so you can manage a repository of functions in your organization.


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