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Administrator jfeil

If you have spent any time in the Power BI Community, you have probably noticed regular contributors through community blog posts, activity in the Power BI forum discussions, and authored accepted solutions.  Super Users are outstanding participants and expert users who regularly contribute useful solutions.  Their advice is invaluable and it shows because they are in the Top Kudoed Authors Leaderboard in the Microsoft Power BI Community.  See some familiar names?  Their Community contributions and Power BI expertise continues to make the Power BI Community a valuable place.


SujataNarayana Visitor

Last month, Power BI partnered with Hacking STEM and NASA to create an interactive, educational data story to teach students about radiation. Educators loved the idea of bringing Power BI data stories to the classroom, and they are looking for more! So this month, we are launching a "Back to School" Contest to empower and engage students with Power BI! The contest will run from August 1st to September 6th, and the winners will be featured in the Power BI Blog! Channel your love for education and get started today!


EnterpriseDNA Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

What I wanted to do in this example is to show you how you can manage multiple dates in your Power BI tables. It's very common when I see Power BI users first seeing or coming across this particular scenario with their developer. There's always a bit of confusion on how you actually set up the data model correctly so that you can generate these insights that you need to work across multiple dates and this mainly lies within the data model.


Multiple Dates In Power BI.png



Jayendran Member

This article is actually the continuation of my previous article where we saw how to call Power BI API's with in Power BI itself with some Powershell scripts, new API , M-queries and Automation. This is the second part where I'll explain how to create a report out of it and configure gateways & alerts and manage the alerts with the help of PowerPlatforms such as Microsoft Flow.As usual through out this article also I'll tell you lots of Tips & Tricks Smiley Wink




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