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Jayendran Member

As a PowerBI administrator, it's always difficult to monitor the on-premises gateways within our organization, especically when the number of gateways has been growing rapidly. Today I'm going to explain how you can effecitivley administrate and monitor those gateways in PowerBI itself. Along with that, I'm going to give lots of Tips & Tricks




Super User
Super User

We all know how important it is to transform our data into a star schema and to have a fact table and dimension tables. Date dimension is one of those dimensions. We will build one together!


EnterpriseDNA Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

I want to dive into two essential DAX functions that you absolutely need to understand well when using Power BI. These functions are CALCULATE and CALCULATETABLE. They are very similar in some aspects but also very different in others. I want to go through these with the accompanying tutorials during this post.

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