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vivran22 Memorable Member
Memorable Member

For someone utterly new to Power BI, and especially for those who have been using Excel, understanding DAX can be an overwhelming experience. At least, it was for me. It took me some time to grasp the concepts, filter and row contexts, and the CALCULATE function.


ahmedoye Resolver I
Resolver I

A lot of times, we don't connect to structured data bases for our Power BI related reporting. This is mostly because a huge chunk of reporting in most organizations today is still ad hoc reporting. Some other person's report may be the data that you need to create your own report.


This somewhat creates some level of "unstructuredness" in the kind of data we work with. Power Query is always there to bail us out, that we know for sure. Two of the buttons that oftentimes do the trick of putting structure into place are Transpose and Unpivot.


In this article, I will explain what they do, and what users need to watch out for to ensure they are used correctly.



Tabular Editor is a program that has been written by Daniel Otykier.  The sole purpose of this application is to make creation / management and deployments of Tabular Models easier.   Read on to learn about how this tool will save you HOURS of time.


Regular Visitor

Having one version of the truth but limiting that version of the truth, depending on who logs in, creates personalised and consistent reporting. Finance and Accounting teams deal with high volumes of the types of sensitive information which require restrictions dependent on who logs in; this includes commissions, travel and expense reporting or dealing with the roll up of companies. This blog provides an overview of the problem and a step-by-step guide on building your first report.


Pragati11 Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Power BI supports a functional language called DAX (Data Analysis Expressions), which basically represents an executable piece of code inside a function. DAX expressions can sometimes be difficult to use and understand. There are multiple DAX expressions out there, but today I will be concentrating on a problem statement for using the RANKX function, and how to resolve it.


Super User II
Super User II

If you see a paginated web resource with data you are interested in, do not try to create a separate data source for each page. There is a technique which can help you make it easier.


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