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djerro123 New Contributor
New Contributor

Recently, I ran into a case where the customer required a filter on a multivalued column. However, he wanted to be able to slice based on a single value rather than the combinations of values. The solution we implemented was leveraging Power Query rather than DAX and enabled the customer to slice the data based on any occurrence in the multivalued column. This approach also makes it possible to filter in multiple columns using a single slicer!


amitchandak Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Power BI Time Intelligence functions provide a powerful way to get different types of time periods and time comparisons. Some of these are MTD, PMTD, PYMTD, MOM, MOYM, QTD, LQTD, QOQ, YTD, LYTD YOY etc. But dealing with a non-standard period can be a bit difficult, especially when months are not the standard months. In this article, we try to take on a case of non-standard periods (months).


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