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Power BI Group management using Active Directory roles and PowerShell

by NormYoung Frequent Visitor on ‎11-21-2017 10:49 AM - last edited on ‎11-28-2017 10:50 AM by MindyJ Frequent Visitor

Use PowerShell to maintain Power BI / Office 365 Groups. 


Integrating PowerShell with PowerBI: Module, script and reporting (Part 2)

by AlexHolmeset Regular Visitor on ‎11-21-2017 02:41 AM - last edited on ‎12-06-2017 03:43 PM by MindyJ Frequent Visitor

In my last blog post, Integrating PowerShell with Power BI (Part 1), I set up the connection between Power BI and PowerShell.  If you followed the steps in part one, you are set to start using this newly created integration.  In this post I will take a look at how we use the Power BI module and how to visualize the data in Power BI reports.


Integrating PowerShell with Power BI (Part 1)

by AlexHolmeset Regular Visitor on ‎11-21-2017 02:27 AM - last edited on ‎12-06-2017 03:40 PM by MindyJ Frequent Visitor

Power BI is an extremely powerful data and visualization tool. It has opened a new world for me. But, the first thing I always think about when looking at Microsoft products is that there must be a way to control this with PowerShell. I did not find any useful information about any PowerShell module on the product pages.  After some googling, I found a module on the PowerShell gallery potentially created by a Microsoft employee.  What's surprising is that the module has been out for about 7 months and has barely 130 downloads.  Why hasn’t this been more popular? Hopefully I can help change this with a series of blog posts looking at the possibilities of Power BI and PowerShell.


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