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EnterpriseDNA Regular Visitor
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In today's post, I wanted to cover a few examples of how you can incorporate financial years into your Power BI models and reports. Sometimes, your date tables won’t have the custom financial years that you require for your analysis. Not only could it be financial years but you might also need to bring into filters your financial quarters.


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MirandaLi Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

If you are an adventurous kind, you might discover a vast array of fancy chart types beyond the regulars you see or use every day: Sankey chart, spider chart (radar), waffle chart, candle stick chart, stream graph, sunburst, word cloud, stacked bubbles, and you name it. At some point, you might start to question: do I really need to know every visualization display ever created to be an effective analyst? My advice is: master core chart types first before getting fancy! It’s like storing house-fixing tools in your garage.



In Part 2 of this blog series, I will discuss the purpose of dedicated capcities and explain the differences between Power BI Premium and Power BI Embedded. I will also provide the neccessary details so you can choose the right type of dedicated capacity for a particular scenario.


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