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In the coming days you have a meeting with technical people about PowerShell and would like to start with a survey to get an idea of the knowledge about PowerShell of the people in the room. Putting hands in the air is old school … No?



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In the new workspaces, the Power BI Service offers a set of 4 roles where 3 of them (Admin, Member, and Contributor) have rights for deleting a dataset and everything that is connected to it. A catastrophe can occur with just 3 clicks. Today, I would like to show you how to protect a dataset from an unwanted deletion.


augustindelaf Member

The purpose of this article is to explain how to generate an Organization Chart in an industrialized and fast manner, without error and with the minimum of manual interventions, in order to be able to display it in Power BI.

If you prefer a video rather than an article, go to the bottom of this post. Smiley Wink


This organization chart should allow you to visualize complex organizations, with large quantities of entities (up to several hundreds), several levels of ownership (ex: level 1: holding company, level 2: company A and company B, level 3: company A1, A2, and B1 and B2), as well as multi-parent relationships (e.g. Company X is owned by both Company A at 49% and Company B at 51%.)


In order to make this possible, we describe, in detail, all the steps that are necessary. We unsuccessfully tried many custom visuals (see image below), and the use of Microsoft Visio, through the use of the Organization Chart Wizard, is the optimal solution that we had envisioned.


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