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Working With Financial Years In Power BI

In today's post, I wanted to cover a few examples of how you can incorporate financial years into your Power BI models and reports.


Sometimes, your date tables won’t have the custom financial years that you require for your analysis. Not only could it be financial years but you might also need to bring into filters your financial quarters. 


This is what this very first tutorial is all about, how can you generate financial quarters that align with the entire financial year you might have in your business.


A perfect example of this scenario is when your financial year starts in July. The first financial quarter will be from July to September and we need to somehow incorporate this logic into a date table in your model. This video will show you how you can do that.



In this next example, I will show you how you can make sure that your months are sorted for a particular financial year that you might be working with. If we go back to our July example as our first month in the financial year, we will, from a sorting perspective want that to be the first month, August to be the second, and so on.



With custom sorting like this, you need to make sure that it's clear what consumers may be analyzing.


This last example is about creating a cumulative total within your financial year. This is actually not that difficult. You only need to understand the specific syntax required in a particular time intelligence function. 



A few quick examples here. I know many of those working in the corporate world will require some sort of financial year information. Hopefully, these tutorials are helpful in managing these details.


All the best.




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