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Why you NEED to learn about Tabular Editor!

PowerBI.Tips and Daniel Otykier partnered to make a 4-hour video series around this amazing program called Tabular Editor.


In its simplest explanation Tabular Editor allows users to manipulate a tabular model.  The elegance of this solution are the features around Scripting, Best Practice Analyzer and DevOps capabilities.  All these features take the guesswork out managing a Tabular model.


I'm so pleased to share with you our full video series on Tabular Editor.  Please watch / review and Enjoy.


Special Thanks to Daniel for taking out all this time to teach us this amazing tool. 


Video 1 - Introduction

- Why should I know about this tool?

- What does it do?

- What can it do? 

- How can it save me TONS of time?


Video 2 - Using the Scripting functionality.

- Learn how to automate mundane tasks for editing tabular models


Video 3 - Best Practice Analyzer

- With large models improving speed and performance can be a pain.

- Learn how the Best Practice Analyzer makes this super simple and fast!


Video 4 - Deploy using DevOps

- Now that you have cleanup your model you need to deploy it.

- Tabular editor does that as well.  Learn about how to use Azure DevOps to deploy Tabular models. 


Full Playlist of videos: