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Visual Header vs. Title

Question: The visual header tends to overlap a visual’s title when the title is long relative to the visual itself:



A small problem as the icons disappear when the user moves the mouse elsewhere, except when the user interacted with the visual by drill-down etc. Now, the only way to make the icons go away seems to be to click in another part of the report, and there may not be any reason to do that.


Answer by Mike Carlo | Power BI Tips


For this reason I typically do not use the visual header of the actual visual.  Instead I make a Text box with the title header or A Card with text in it (for dynamically changing title).  This way I can move the header out of the way of the buttons.






For this I leave the title on, Change the font to white or the background color. That way the icons say inside the visual container box.  Then Create a new Text box with Segoe UI in BOLD.  Then group both the visual and the title box together to form a new single group with the title above the buttons:











It is a bit more work but it does fix the buttons hovering over the title.  In almost all my reports I break out the title separately to have more design control.