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Unable to Open a Paginated Report in PBI Service

I recently came across an issue where few users in the organization were not able to open paginated reports in the PBI service.

Issue Description:

Specific users were not able to open the paginated report in PBI service which used to work fine in PBI Report Server.

Error Message:

Could not connect to the data source. There was an error communicating with Analysis Services. Please verify that the data source is available, and your credentials are correct. The connection either timed out or was lost.


Typically, the members of the group were not able to view the report. By looking at this error, you might feel it’s an access or permission issue. But the actual issue turned out to be problem with the dataset connection.


  • In Report Builder, we refreshed the dataset connection by creating a new data source. This updated the connection string to the correct one.


  • Post that, we refreshed the dataset connections for all existing RDL reports that have been built from that dataset.
  • Re-published the reports and it worked.

Author: Sumana Biswas

Reviewer: Mounika Narayana Reddy

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