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The Power BI Community is Making Changes: More Details!

Have questions about logging in to or registering for the Community? We can help!


Have an Organizational account? Start here!


Need an Organizational account? Start here!



Checkout these FAQs:




Please note that when you register your Power BI community credentials under an organizational account, you will  be offered a streamlined personal data management experience through your organization. Actions initiated to export personal data, delete personal data or account closure now need to be initiated directly with the administrator of your organization. After the transition is complete, your ability to access or delete your personal data will be administered by the organization that owns your domain. Although Microsoft continues to be ultimately in control of your personal data, you need to contact your organizational administrator to manage it. Organizational administrators can put in an export or access request through their Admin portal and a link will be available to them to download your personal data in less than 30 days.
mim Member

sorry, please clarify, if someone don't have an organization account, can he register too, I know a lot of people who use only the desktop without any use of the service ?

HI Mim,


You can absolutely still register for the community! Please follow the directions here (also mentioned above) to create an AAD account which you can then link to your current user name and password.





If I understand this correctly, this a very bad idea and I dont see the point of it. 

I actually am a Microsoft Partner and I have a number of MS related account (My own partner domain, my O365 account, a number of demo accounts for MS products and then a number of accounts I use from my clients to be able to do Power BI work for them).

I can get away with that by using InPrivate browsing so I dont get all of them stored and get them all mixed up. 

Are you saying that now I will have to be locked into one login just so I can be on the POwer BI community website???????!!!!!

@cnicola You will still be able to view all public content without logging into the community as it is today.  However, if you want to post in the community you will need to sign into the community with an AAD account.  Feel free to PM me to understand your use case in more detail if there is still a concern.  Thanks!

Come on guys... This page is way too convoluted and many of us don't have to time to read it all. I would make it more succint and to the point. Particularly the part about migrating the existing community account to an Azure AD account.


In fact then the user clicks to sign-in, I would add an explanation that users that have signed-in with an non Azure AD account would be able to migrate their previous community account as soon as they sign-in with their Azure AD account.

On another note... Is there a way to change the account to another Azure AD? I used my organisation's AD, but I forgot that I have a personal Azure AD account which I would like to use instead.

I'm not a fan of this change. For some reason my work account would not work. I just went back to the same screen when I used sign in or register.


I was able after quite a bit of faf to get an AD user setup against my hotmail. I'm not unable to use my work account and access the forum without logging out. So the need to keep changing accounts will lead me to use the forum much less.




@stretcharm have you sent a support email to the email address indicated above?  Please include any screenshots as well as your community username.  Thanks!

No I didn't send a support email as I got something working. I think its best not to be tied to my work account anyway. I'll send an email with the details anyway to help you understand what went wrong.

With this new link to my organization account, what happens when I change organization? - Will I then loose my current account, and thereby start over with a new one?

@PSEJR you will not loose your exisitng account.  You can contact us and we can assist with getting your new organization account linked to your existing community account.

I am working for a service company but have to work on credentials created by customers (meaning I may change domain every 2 to 3 years or so) so this is definitively a no-go for me to raise a support ticket everytime I change of customers hence of credentials. Do you have a solution for that specific case? Best, David

Hi all,

Not all Power BI Community users want to link their work accounts with their community profile. 


Receiving community emails at to a work email is not always a good thing for many users and companies.


My community feedback was offered in my own time under my private email.  Many users are also contractors and change work emails often. Yes, I know  you have a solution for this by emailing you.


We should have the option to use personal emails if we want and not be forced to use company emails to contribute to a community forum.


Thank you,





Hello @MariaP and @dthuler, as mentioned above and detailed here:, you may create an AAD account separate from your work account or any of your client accounts and use that to access the community. This can then be mapped to your current community profile.




Hi @Allison,


Thanks fo the information, I had not read this. I have created AAD account and emailed support to link my profile to the new AAD account.


Hi @await,


Thanks for pointing out the AAD creation possibility, I will carefully look at it.

Will it be possible to get a way to manage the business account(s) linked to our profile in the future (from the profile page for example)? It would be nice.


Have a nice day,




I am trying to Import a table from a web page it's detail as follows ;


The proplem that the table i want to import is under subtab called "Market segement", which i can not reach within Power BI .


How can this be done ? 

Hello @Rizk , this blog post is about the community moving to single sign on. You'll have better luck posting your question on one of the Forums here:


Thank you.



I have my perosnla Power BI Community account.

I did not realise when I logged in using my organisation account it will be added under that. I do not want my company to use my personal Power BI Community account.


I sent an email with all the details of my my PBI Communit account name, organisation email that it is linked to and which account I want to move it to. But I have not got any updates even after two weeks.


What other steps can I take?

I do not want to create a new account as I will loose all my batches and will have to start from scratch.