The Business Application Virtual Launch - I got impressed

by Super User on ‎03-29-2018 11:33 PM

On March 28th I was in a hurry, leaving my customer early to arrive at the airport on time to prepare for the "Business Application Virtual Spring Launch", after attending I have been rushing to the gate heading home, getting up the next day quite early, and prepare for some days off, meeting dear friends in the Netherlands.


First things first, in case you missed it (what should not have happened) you'll be covered, here you will find recordings for the event and also some more detailed information for specific topics:


I strongly recommend to download the roadmap, prepare yourself for a document that's somewhat more extensive that just a single power point slide :-) I have to admit, that until now I also skipped some parts, left for the upcoming days off.


As a seasoned BI & Analytics person my expectations have been muddied by the first couple of minutes because James Phillips (the host of the presentation) did not mention how MSFT tries to combine / integrate all this analytical stuff into Dynamics 365, stuff that moves me for decades and still does. Instead he was talking about customer, products, and people. Here is one screenshot I shamelessly captured from the presentation:


Dynamics 365 Spring 2018.png


It took me some time to realize, that it has not been necessary to explicitly mention how they will integrate Power BI (one of my favorite tools for this data analytics thing) or other analytical tools into Dynamics 365.


It's done!


This allows to focus on the things that really mattert, our customers, our products, and the people.


I strongly believe that we will witness some awesome releases over the next months. Even if you are just a "BI & Analytics" person like I'm, there will be great new possibilities.


Here you will find a first wrap-up of the roadmap by Chris Webb


My personal favorite is "Query acceleration for large datasets", of course :-)

But also the promise of the Common Data Service for Analytics thrills me, will this become a Data Lake that can be handled by everyone?


Over the next days, weeks, I will post about specific details, and how these things will impact the building of analytical applications / solutions - here or on my personal site.


RTFR (Read the * Roadmap)


LLAP (either Start Trek or Big Data, according to your liking)