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Regional Language Customization in Tables or Slicers


To have our choice of regional language as headers or slicers to help the business to reach out to local markets, Power BI offers a variety of regional languages and keeps on adding many with new releases too, so we use this feature to have our very own custom headers, so that non-English speaking business can easily understand the visuals.

Here, I’m taking Hindi as a regional language setting as an example and will show how to achieve this, which can be used in a table/matrix/bookmarks etc..



For this, we need to first create duplicate columns/measures to those we want to show them in respective regional languages.




The next step is to create Bookmarks with both English and Regional Language Columns and Measures.


After this, we will insert buttons, and then select Bookmarks...



...which will look like as in the below screenshots.



Please find the link here:

The .pbix is attached.


There is a limitation, though, where we cannot convert the dataset into regional languages within Power BI.

However, we can use external tools to convert the data first to our choice of regional languages and then use that data set for our dashboards.

Please don’t hesitate to ask or comment about the measure. I’ll gladly elaborate and help with anything regarding this.