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Power BI for: Ever ?!


In the business application virtual launch there have been presented so many things that look (almost) too good to be true. Also check out the in-depth-demo of Power BI and you might understand why my absolute favourite is the common data model and the new common data service for analytics. They are real game changers in combination with the tools to bridge the last mile.


They provide the basis for reporting to become a commodity instead of requiring a substantial amount of resources like today. Once you've mapped your data sources to the entities in the common data model, you can use the standard reporting templates that will work out-of-the-box. Set up a basic reporting in no time and adjust it to your needs as you go along.


Another aspect here is that once you've set up your reporting like this in Power BI, you can use it basically forever. Your source systems change? No problem: Just re-map your new tables to the existing CDM and ...: That's it. Nothing more to do.

... OK, in order to re-map you might have to shape your new data a bit (or more), but that's all there is to be done: Set up the transformation rules once and the adjustment to new source systems is done.


As a consultant, this doesn't frighten me, because I can shift my services towards helping customers to bridge the last mile (adjusting the standard to their individual business model) and to develop the sexy things within the "Insight to action"-area.


I cannot wait to see the standard entities evolving and have set up a CDM-Explorer that let's you explore and discover the current model and will also track and highlight changes and additions in the future. So this is still WiP 🙂


Link to file: CDM Explorer



CDM Explorer: Entities and their relationshipsCDM Explorer: Entities and their relationshipsCDM Explorer: Attributes, details and relationshipsCDM Explorer: Attributes, details and relationships

Link to file: CDM Explorer


The data for this report is taken from the project site on GitHub. Go and check it out and see how you can contribute.


Enjoy & stay queryious 😉



What is your favorite Power BI Feature release this month?