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Power BI Language Translation Quality Forum!

Hi, everyone!


Are you an avid user of Power BI products? Are you passionate about your language's quality? If so, a new forum (Power BI Language Quality) will allow you report and discuss language quality issues. You can also ask about Power BI Localization team, their processes and product languages. Your feedback will help us improve localization experience of Power BI products!

The list of supported languages are described in Power BI documentation.  


How to report language translation issues for Power BI on this forum ( )?


Post your translation issue in the group & include the following information

Power BI Product/App/Service Name:

Language affected:

Current Translation:

Steps to reproduce the error:

Suggested Translation:

Corresponding English Text (if known):

Reason for change:

Please attach a screenshot of the issue to the post if available.

Platform if known.


I have a customer asking for report localization so that they can create a PBIX file and embed it in their web app, but have the report render in the language of the end user based on their location. Ex: I am in the US, so I see English, but a user in France sees French automatically. Is this lcoalization of PBIX reports supported? If so, how do I get started?