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Power BI Free vs Pro Infographic

I have been active on the Power BI Community Page for quite some time, and what I have often seen is people not quite sure what options are free and what options require a Pro license.


So here is my infographic in which I have put down which options are free, pro or Premium


I am hopeful that people will find this useful in understanding which options are free and which options require a Pro license.


If I have left anything out, or something is wrong please let me know and I will update it.


As well as I will keep this infographic up to date as there no doubt will be some additions to the Power BI Service.


Power BI - Infographic - June 2018.png


You can access the images from the following link: Power BI Free vs Pro Infographic – Latest Version


Very helpful infograph! I see a lot of questions of the community forum about this.





Thanks for the comments, if there are any suggestions please let me know.

What about a OneDrive autofresh?????


In the setting section of the datasets says: Onedrive by default refresh de files each hour. But this actually work daily.






Thanks @germanhenriquez


I was going to say yesterday that I will update this infographic, but with the recent announcement of Power BI Premium and the changes to the Power BI Free and Pro, I do think a whole new Infographic is needed.

But your input will be added.







Thanks to Microsoft to give the sharing rights with free version I hope that appcation will help organazation much to forseen the business needs 





Gagan Deep 

Very helpful infograph.  Does this mean that you have to buy the Pro version to get the datasets automatic refresh? I am getting data fram a Sql server and have understood  that you need to use DirectQuery (not Import) to get the dashboards and reports automatic refreshed. We are using a Power BI gateway (Free).



Hi Tove,


Yes as of today 01 June 2017, you can use the Free version to refresh your data, but the big change is that you will no longer be able to share your dashboards with other users in your organization.


This also applies to DirectQuery also, as this will use the On-Premise Gateway to use DirectQuery

That's really great , I was looking for this information! 

Thanks : ) 

Thanks I am planning on updating this with the new changes from 01 Jun 2017

I'm free, and I can't share my dashboards and reports. Say to update to PRO account.

Hi @danielsouza I need to update the graphic as it is now outdated 

I've been digging a lot of information about the PBI "universe", and this image helps though it seems outdated...


I would say that:

PBI service vs PBI Reporting Services

PBI free vs PBI pro vs PBI Premium

PBI Import vs. Direct Query vs Live Query


Is information that always should be available here, on the community.


Best regards, and congrats for your work.



Thanks for the comments. Power BI embedded is another way to display the reports and dashboards but most of the details are here. Along with this Power BI Report server is on this image also. Due to limitations on screen size not everything in detail can be included. 


You can find an always up to date version on 

Hi all,

One question:

Does it mean that if I am a Power BI pro user and create a report which I then add to a SharePoint page via a modern webpart all the users which have a Power BI free license will not be able to display the report in the SPO page?




The url  shows an infographic where sharing is free. Thats the one I found on google before finding this location with a more up to date picutre. 

Hi @fenixen 


Thanks for the comment, are you referring to sharing in Power BI for free?

or sharing of the infographic is free as long as the author (myself is given credit for the work done)

Hi @GilbertQ 
Your link above says it links to the latest version, but it links to an old version from 2017. For some reason google also sent me there... 

You can access the images from the following link: Power BI Free vs Pro Infographic – Latest Version
The above link should be changed to 

Keep up the awesome work updating all these infographics, its VERY useful! Smiley Happy 

Hi @fenixen 


You are indeed correct, I did update this, where everything is now included in one Infographic which I try and keep up to date fairly often which you can bookmark this URL: