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Power BI Dev Camp 25 March, 2021 - Session 8 - Deep Dive into M Programming

On March 25th, I will be presenting a Power BI Dev Camp session titled M Programming for the Power BI Warrior. I have presented this session quite a few times at various User Groups over the last few years including my favorite delivery a few years back at the Power BI Users group in Portland along with my friend, Power BI MVP Paul Turley. I really like presenting this session because it's a fast-paced primer for writing Power BI query logic using the M programming language. The goal of this session is to give campers the ability to work directly with M code in the Advanced Editor when design queries for datasets in Power BI Desktop as well as for dataflows in the browser.

The session will teach campers how to design efficient queries using query folding as well as how to clean text values using the Text.Select function. Campers will be introduced to writing queries using complex M datatypes including lists, records, tables, functions and user-defined types and optimizing query logic using query folding. Along the way, the session will demonstrate real-world examples of using dataset parameters, performing calculations across rows during query execution and writing reusable function queries. After attending this session, campers will be more than capable of engaging in interesting technical conversations with Power Query legends such as Chris Webb and Reza Rad.

As far as session prerequisites go, campers should have previous experience working with Power Query in Power BI Desktop. It is recommended (but not required) that campers have experience working directly with M code in the Advanced Editor.

Here's a link to the live session that begins Thursday March 25th at 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST.

We hope you can make it. 


Awesome @TedPattison !

How can i Sign in? 

I looks like the link is not working

@Moses you will be able to sign in at the time of the webinar, so mark your calendar.


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The meeting link in my post above was incorrect. Here is the actual link to the March 25th session for next week.


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