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Part One: Linking Power BI to Trello (overview)

A big help when measuring Trello is that Power BI knows something about Trello that you may not: Behind every board on Trello is a JSON file. Don’t worry if that makes no sense, let Power BI do that for you.


This is what a Trello board looks like ordinarily:

This is what a Trello board looks like as JSON:

The two pictures are of the same thing! Power BI lets you utilise that.

Next, we use this feature of Power BI to connect to an actual Trello board.


I reed your blog for creating a Data model based on the trello .json file. And is really cool, but I continue wihtout understanding how I can make the visualization part. Could you continue with the "Part two" of your blog? I found it very usefull.


thanks for your time.

Thanks @vicestcha, the blog continues on my website here: it goes through a few iterations. At the end of it you will have a full data model that you can throw any of Power BI's increasingly wonderful visualisations at:

Good afternoon, can you make the .pbix file available with all modeling tables including their relationships?
Thank you.