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PUG Global Hackathon

There’s still time to join your local PUG and participate in the PUG Global Hackathon!


From PUG:


“Looking to get engaged with your local PUG? Love a good competition? Get connected to your local PUG to receive more details on this exciting challenge coming soon!

PUG members will be invited to form hackathon teams with the purpose of creating and submitting a Power BI app for the competition. Teams will compete with others in their respective communities to win top honors and prizes. Participating teams will publish their solutions to a shared tenant to make their apps available to the full community. Apps will be judged by the local PUG community members (online) based on criteria set by the organizers. The top winning team of each local PUG will be entered into the Global Hackathon Championship to be voted on by the larger, global PUG community.”


For more information, check out the PUG page.