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New Power BI community webinar series

A request many of our Power BI community rock stars receive is:


"Will you be streaming that user group meeting, conference session or presentation?"


Unfortunately the answer is more often than not "No", not that they don't want to nor have the technology to do this but rather the logistics required to make this happen and optimizing for a smaller in person audience (read lots of interaction and motion) makes for a sub optimal webinar experience. 


To this end i have reached out to the Power BI MVPs and Community leaders asking them if they would be interested in redelivering their favorite presentation online if i handled the logistics...I must admit the response has been amazing!

Every person i approached (see below) not only has said yes but really went out of their way to make this happen!

I am hoping to schedule these Community sessions every two weeks (The interleaving weeks will be a MS PM walking through new their new features)


To register please see:


Calendar going forward:    

  • How to Design Visually Stunning Reports in Power BI by Miguel Myers
  • Introduction to Power BI for Excel Users by Matt Allington
  • Solve custom development reporting needs with Power BI by Adam Cogan
  • Advanced Power BI: Solving the Hard Problems by Devin Knight
  • Introduction To Power BI by Chris Webb (one of the most Kudo'ed sessions!)
  • Getting started with DAX Marco by Russo
  • DAX Best Practices by Paul Turley
  • Using Power BI to Track Development by Simon Sabin
  • Predictive Analytics in Education and Consumer Goods using Power BI David Brown
  • Rob's favorite topic by Rob Collie
  • Finding and transforming data with Power Query in Excel and Power BI Desktop Greg Low


Please check back for dates and updates as i firm up the schedule







There is an issue on this page…


Miguel’s twitter handle is totally incorrect (twice)…





it incorrectly references @Mykhael


DAN Regular Visitor


Does anyone get the link to download the PowerPoint slide's for the 1st event How to Design Visually Stunning Reports in Power BI by Miguel Myers ?