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My Favorite Visual at the Power BI Portland UserGroup

Last month Ron Ellis G. the President of the Portland Power BI Usergroup decided to try a new component called "My favorite Visual".  The idea is the user group members would take ~5 minutes out and show off their favorite Power BI visual.

This had the dual benefit of showing people what is new and cool in Power BI and make it easier for new and would-be presenters to get started.  



Being braver than smart, last month I volunteered to show "My favorite Visual"; in getting ready for the user group meeting realized i still didn't know Power BI well enough to have a "favorite". That being the case i looked at the custom visuals at and noticed we updated or released 10 Custom Visuals last month at the Data Insights Summit.


1. SandDance (make sure and check out Ruth's post!)

2.LineDot Chart

3. Time Brush

4. Table Sorter

5. Network Navigator

6. Attribute Slicer

7. Gantt

8. Stars

9. Image Viewer

10. Long Text Viewer


Of those new custom Visuals three of them addressed things i had wanted to do in the fishing reports i had been playing with, namely:

1. Disply Pictures of the fish = Image Viewer

2. Constrain the range of the fish catch data by time =Time Brush

3. Constrain my reports to a single specis of Fish = Attribute Slicer


While i may not have started with a favorite Power BI Visual the fact these three solved my needs put them at the top of my list!  The fact i was able to get them all working in a couple of minutes definitely sealed the deal.




The other favorite Visuals where:


Steve showed how to use the aquarium Visual to display sports scores:



Christine showed how to use a couple of Visuals to display HR data from SharePoint (The data was almost as interesting as the Visuals...Unfortunately since it was real data i had to blur it out in the image)



By coincidence Ron also decided to show the Tim Brush. 

Not wanting to embarass my nascent efforts he didn't show his report...(Thank You!<g>)

-But he was kind enough to send it along so i could learn how to segment the data by dates and display the Salmon by catch area.






 Two of my favourites are the Radar Plot and Word Cloud, the Plot is used to visualise the time of day that accidents happen during a 24 hr period,  and the Cloud is used to display the types of accidents that occur - and which enriches the quantitative data analysis.  So many thanks to the designers of those two.





Andy Josolyne

Thanks @chass. I was travelling for business so I could not make it to the April meeting.  I will try my best to be there for the May meeting.  This is a great learning and fostering environment for PowerBI. I am glad to be a part of this.  I am glad that you were able to join us.


Thanks Ron for hosting.