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Memory/CPU is utilized for Paginated Report even though you do not have a Paginated Report

Are you also observing some amount of CPU or Memory utilized for Paginated Report even though you do not have any RDL file/Paginated report in your capacity? If yes, then this blog will help you resolve the issue.

Issue: CPU Utilization shown for Paginated reports even though there is no Paginated reports in the capacity in Premium Capacity Metrics App.


Solution: If we are not using Paginated reports at all, please disable the workload from Capacity Settings. A fraction of Memory/CPU maybe reserved for the engine. Hence if there are no Paginated reports, we should turn the entire workload off and likewise for any other workload.

Click the Gear icon on top right on -> Admin Portal -> Capacity Settings -> Workloads -> Turn off Paginated reports



Author: Srishti Sharma

Reviewer: Mounika Narayana Reddy




We have a P1 capacity running which has 18 paginated reports in it with max memory 30 percent allocated to paginated reports out of 25 gb, which is 7.5 gb can be consumed by paginated reports.


When we restart the capacity we see 3 gb out of 7.5 gb of memory is occupied by defalut even before running any reports and when we run the reports the memory starts increasing from base line 3 gb.


I undersatnd that a fraction of memory will be reserved when the paginated report option is enabled, which we thought would be like around 1 gb.


My question is what are the parameters that decides the memory that will to be reservied.


Any help would be most appreciated.