Infographic Designer Update - Version 1.7.3

by infonice Visitor on ‎05-17-2018 07:10 PM - last edited on ‎05-22-2018 08:47 AM by MindyJ Frequent Visitor

Infographic Designer is a Power BI custom visual that help you beautify your reports and dashboards with easy-to-create infographics and small-multiples. You can download it from Microsoft AppSource.


We have been continuously improving Infographic Designer based on user feedback. So, your voices are critical to us. Please feel free to contact us at if you want to ask questions, report issues, request new features, or provide suggestions.  


Early this May, we have released a new version 1.7.3 for Infographic Designer. Here is a brief list of the major changes of Infographic Designer 1.7.3.


  • Fix: Selecting data points on a multiple series line chart may not work in some cases.
  • Fix: Rendering of a line chart with negative values may not be correct in some cases.
  • Fix: Data binding for colors may not take effect in some cases.
  • Improve: Upgrade to use PBI API 1.1.11 to support PBI Bookmarks feature.
  • Improve: Add Min Chart Width/Height settings for you to adjust the minimal size of a non small-multiple chart. The horizontal/vertical scrollbars will show only when the chart content is beyond the minimal size.



  • Improve: Add scroll buttons for you to navigate the legend items when the Legend area is not long enough to show all the legend items.



  • Improve: Support using multiple measures as multiple series. When multiple measures are added to the Fields, you can choose to use them as multiple series by turn on the “Legend by Measures” option in Chart settings.



  • Improve: Allow you to change the color of each series. You can click the “Settings” button on the toolbar in Mark Designer pane to change the series colors in the UI.





Infographic Designer team

by Hardik Established Member
on ‎05-30-2018 02:38 AM

thank you for the information 

by yakub Visitor
on ‎09-13-2018 07:49 AM

is it support on power bi report server? 

by DomPower Frequent Visitor
on ‎10-16-2018 11:20 PM

@yakub Yes, it worsk with Power BI Server. I've tested it with the PBI RS Version August 2018. It even works with the IE11 as frontend (browser).

by CupidCharles Occasional Visitor
on ‎10-17-2018 11:28 PM

Hi everyone,


I am new to power bi, was wondering anyone know how to increase the text size on the Axis.. I have been spending hours but still couldn't figure it it.