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How to get data color reference for Power BI from another PPT or Image

My client has given me one PowerPoint Presentation slid and he told me I have to use only those colours which are
available in that slide.
I have used tried to use Customer Color, but I was not getting the same colour which I need.
here is the process from where I the same colour.
below colours, I need to use 

 Below is the DASHBOARD
PIC 2.png
Now we can resolve this issue if we have HEX colour code.
PIC 3.png

Let's get the HEX colour code.
1)Open image in Paint.
PIC 4.pngStep 2 )Use Color picker and point on the colour which you need you will see in the foreground colour then click on edit color and you will see the RGB color for CODE. 
PIC 5.png
Copy RGB code and go to

PIC 7.png
Once you will put the RGB code you will get your HEX Code. and then put this code in power bi Enjoy.

PIC 8.png


Varun Jain


Nice Article, If you want to save a little more time you could install Microsoft's power toys GitHub - microsoft/PowerToys: Windows system utilities to maximize productivity which has a built in color picker so you could skip the Paint & copy to website steps


Hi @Varunjain3109 and @tsql_simon , as well as the power toys, PowerPoint has a colour picker which will tell you the colour, or you could install an application called Instant Eyedropper.