How to Set Up Your Power BI Models for Advanced Insights - Free Workshop Review

by EnterpriseDNA Regular Visitor on ‎02-02-2018 09:18 AM

Recently, I put on a virtual workshop as part of the Enterprise DNA webinar series, which was all about how to set up your Power BI models for advanced insights.


It was very well received by over 400 Power BI users who registered, so I thought I would do a review here for the community blog.


If you would like to watch the replay and download the resource, you can do so by registering here - Discovering Advanced Insights In Power BI

 Discovering Advanced Insights.png 


The main points covered during the workshop were;
Measure Branching
Time Intelligence calculations
Moving Average formulas
Visualization techniques
and a few others


The main development strategy I go through is one I call 'measure branching'. I've been using this technique for so long I've almost forgotten where I got it from, but I now use it by default in every model development project I work on.


It is an immensely powerful technique to use when developing any model you build.


It is actually not so difficult to implement; it's really a way of thinking about your development. Thinking this way and then setting up your models with this methoodolgy in mind, really helps a lot when looking to discover and showcase advanced insights from your data in Power BI.


During the workshop I also showcase a better way to identify trends in your data using a combination of moving average and time intelligence DAX techniques.


When you can start combining a variety of DAX formulae together, that's where the real analytical power behind Power BI really starts to shine.


I'll leave it there as the workshop is very detailed, and I'm confident any Power BI users will learn a lot from the session.


Just a reminder, you can watch replay by registering here - Discovering Advanced Insights in Power BI


All the best working on this techniques in your models.


Sam McKay, CFA
Founder - Enterprise DNA