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HELP NEEDED: Inspirational Community Stories


The Microsoft Biz Apps & Industry group is working on a Community Hype Video for MBAS which will be played right before James’ keynote on Monday. We want this video to highlight the diversity, the size, and impact of the community. One of the directions we would like to take for this video in highlighting community impact is to tell actual human stories about members of the community who have truly had an inspirational, groundbreaking story within the community.


We need you to tell your story of impact. Stories that will get the audience's attention, stories that will make the audience cry (we hope). Check out this video or this video for the emotional element we are referring to.


  • Someone who experienced a career change because they met someone in the community
  • Someone who experienced a promotion at work because a community member helped them understand the product really well to do their best work
  • Someone who made a deep and meaningful friendship in the community because they found people just like them in the community –which led to other personal impact later in their lives

What’s in it for you?

  • You get to be in a video and posted everywhere across Microsoft community assets (that’s good fame! )
  • You get a VIP badge to be part of our elite event experience at MBAS

May the best stories win!