Follow the World Cup in Power BI

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Do you have the World Cup fever yet? 


That is where Power BI comes to the rescue.  Smiley Happy


I have built a Power BI file to follow the World Cup and I decided to show you how I created it while creating it.  Smiley Happy


Get Match and Group Data in Power BI


In this first video, I have downloaded in Power BI the World Cup data from the FIFA World Cup 2018 website. I have downloaded when the matches occur, the groups and the flags.



Matches Schedule

In part 2 we will create our first report that will answer these questions:

1. When is my favorite group playing?

2. When is my country playing?

3. Which matches will be sent today and at what time? ....and much more.


Take a look at how that was created in the video below or download the pbix file at the bottom of the page: 



Adjust for Local Time Zones using parameters

In Part 3, I will show you how to adjust the match times for your local time using parameters:



Get Flags through inactive relationships

In part 4, I will show you how to work with inactive relationships using DAX.



Get Knockout Phases

And in Part 5 video, I will show you how to download and visualize the knockout phases in Power BI.



Update the knockout Phases dynamically

In Part 6, we are going to make the knockout phase update dynamically when the games start:




Predict the World cup winners with PowerApps

Predict the world cup series with PowerApps. Download and install the app in just 10 minutes!!



Download Power BI files

Hope you enjoy it and you can download the file:


The Final Report

And here is the report live or here.