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Financial Reporting Tips For Power BI

In this post I wanted to go into a few financial reporting tips you can utilize inside Power BI.


Many of you who have been using Power BI since it was re-released a few years ago know that financial reporting inside of the tables we were given has been relatively difficult.

Recently, the table feature has been improved immeasurably. Now, we can really start to showcase some financial reporting and information in a compelling way.

In these videos, I go through some unique techniques you can use to create this reporting yourself. It all starts with the data setup and that's what this particular tutorial is focused on.


Many times when you get financial information out of core databases in its raw form, you'll quickly see it's never in a good format. This video is all about how to set up your raw data and what to think about when you're preparing your data for financial analysis inside Power BI.

In this next example, I run through a technique I call integrated financial reporting. This becomes really relevant when you have a PnL statement which has revenue and expenses.


In most cases, these will come from various data sources and you need to find or work out a way to integrate them. This is where the idea around this technique stems from.


In this last example, I want to show you how you can use many of the fantastic new features baked into table visualizations.

With the way we can click through several different elements inside our Power BI reports, the tables can showcase financial information in a really dynamic way. This is how you can create seriously great insights with financial data in Power BI.



I run through some of my best practice techniques around setting all this up and I think you'll get a lot from viewing and understanding how I do it.

There are a few things to review here but all of these ideas are really interesting. They are also very important to understand especially if you're doing any type of financial reporting inside Power BI.

All the best.




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