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Display Folder Property in Power BI Desktop

I used to work on a full-text search engine. Back then, we often paraphrased a famous Albert Einstein’s quote “Organized people are just too lazy to search”.

In Power BI Desktop you can search for tables and columns within your model. Because the searched space is tiny, you can use all the fancy stuff like infix search, for example. It works amazingly!



But I am an organized person and I don’t like searching. I prefer order to disorder! But that’s not easy if you have a table with many columns. Therefore, I am very happy that I can group columns of a table in the Power BI Desktop like on the following screenshot.



How to do that? Open Power BI Desktop, go to the Model view, click on a field among Fields and set Display folder. If you want to create a hierarchy of folders, delimiter parts of your path with a backslash like “battery\properties”.



When searching, you also see your hierarchical structure.


What is your favorite Power BI feature release for September 2022?