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Default Dynamic Date Filters In Power BI

The technique shown here can be mostly adopted to set any type of date filters that you may need to have in your Power BI report. On opening the report, users will see the data with the default date filter applied. most importantly, you can also allow them to apply their own date filters if they need to filter on a different date range.

I will take you through the complete steps from scratch and show you how to build the dynamic date filters using the Tabular Editor.

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    Actually I watched the steps, But I dont have tabular editor and I cant purchase it now too,Is there any other option that I can acieve the Dynamic and Default Date selection in Power BI Dax.


Tabular Editor comes in two versions, 2 and 3. Version 2 is free and you can download it using the link below. You can use any version to complete the Default Dynamic Date Filters In Power BI steps.

Hi Fowmy,

              Thanks a lot for your reply.I hope I will be achieve the technique with tabular editor.If at all I have any doubts I will revert back.Thanks a lot for the timely support.




Is there a way to do this without usage of tabular editor?


You need Tabular Editor. Tabule Editor 2 is free to download:


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