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Create Richer Visualizations: Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit for Power BI

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A great visualization in Microsoft Power BI starts with utilizing the right data. However, most analysts spend up to 80% of their time preparing this data or relying on others to get the data ready. Weeks are devoted to cleaning and preparing a dataset for analysis and visualization, and this is just not efficient. There has to be a better, less time-consuming way when it comes to working with data to create rich visualizations that drive impactful insights.


What is needed is a streamlined approach of self-service analytics that creates a faster end-to-end cycle from data preparation to visualization. To address this need, Microsoft and Alteryx have partnered together to provide analysts with a robust, integrated solution that enables them to quickly go from blending data to creating rich visualizations. This solution can be viewed in the Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit for Microsoft!


This kit will get you up and running right away so that you can go from weeks to hours when blending and preparing data! The kit contains several key analytic applications, visualizations, and tutorial information. Included is a series of modules that show you how to utilize pre-built analytic workflows to quickly and easily perform tasks such as:


  • Data Blending and Cleansing – import data and do some cleansing, parsing and other data transformations to help build a proper dataset
  • Fuzzy Matching – determine close similarities in your data and eliminate the task of manually identifying these potential “fuzzy” matches
  • Sentiment Analysis – connect to Azure Machine learning to decipher positive vs. negative sentiment and extract key phrases from the input text
  • Predictive & Spatial Analytics – add a new dimension of insight to your visualizations with advanced modeling tools to handle complex use cases such as multi-channel analysis, predictive A/B testing, location selection, market basket analysis, and more with no coding required.


Spend less time on preparing data and more time on analyzing and visualizing it in order to produce game-changing insights.


Download the Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit for Microsoft and get started on creating richer visualizations today!

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