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Connecting to an Azure Data Lake Gen 2 at a Power BI Workspace throws Access Denied Error

Issue Description:

A new feature has been released for Dataflows which allows us to assign different Azure Data Lake Storage accounts to different workspaces (at the workspace level settings)without using the Power BI tenant level settings. However, while trying to assign a Data Lake Storage to a workspace I got an access denied error message, in an in-house repro.

Error details:

Access Denied. Please try again later or contact support.



1.Create a Blob Storage in Azure Portal by following below steps:

  • Open Azure portal( search for Storage account and then click on ‘Add’. Please make sure to follow the below steps while creating a Storage account :

a.Power BI Workspace and Storage account region should be same.

b.Enable Data Lake Storage Gen 2, under ‘Advance Options’ before creating a Storage account

  • Create a Storage account.
  • Now, we would select the roles under Access Control which we need to assign the data storage to workspace.


  • Below are the roles which we need to assign for a user:

a. Add Owner role for the resource, even if your owner of the resource we have to manually add a role of owner by clicking on Add role assignment.

b. Add a Storage Reader and Owner Role for the user.


  • Once the roles are given, open Power BI portal( are the steps to assign a Blob storage to Workspace.

a. Open a workspace for which we need to assign a Storage Account.


b. Click on setting tab and navigate to 'Connect to Azure'

  • Enter the Subscription, Resource Group and Storage Account.


  • Click on Save.


Author: Nithya Mallapu

Reviewer: Mounika Narayana Reddy