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Announcing the Charticulator Design Challenge

Enjoy thinking about data visualization? Feel good about your visual design skills? Now's your chance to test that knowledge in the Charticulator Design Challenge! 

Charticulator is a powerful tool for creating custom charts for your reports. By representing data as glyphs and structuring the way they are repeated based on other data, create a diverse set of data visualizations along any permutation of mark and layout options, no code required. 

The Charticulator Design Challenge is a community challenge to showcase the infinite design possibilities Charticulator has to offer. We hope to inspire new users with a gallery of ingenious ways the community uses the tool while rewarding our passionate community with some free goodies along the way. 

Here are the details of the challenge: 

  • Design a visual using Charticulator and any publicly available dataset in Power BI. 
  • Submit your best designs to the Data Stories Gallery on our Community forum here:  Make sure your report contains only the visual you've designed. If you can, try to include the steps you took to create that visual to help others learn from your process. 
  • Explore other submissions and vote on which visuals you liked the best! 
  • We'll send some free goodies to the highest-voted submissions, as well as to some of our own favorites. We’re looking out for visuals highlighting the readability of their data, allowing for rich insights, showing the versatility of Charticulator, and, of course, looking beautiful. Here's a taste of what you can earn: 

If your design is chosen, you could win: 

  • Microsoft socks 
  • Microsoft lanyard 
  • Microsoft mouse pad 

The challenge runs from May 16 to June 10. When it ends, we'll highlight who we and the community liked best at the bottom of this post. If you find your name on this list, keep an eye out for a private message within the next few business days to follow up on delivery details. 

We look forward to seeing all the wonderful visualizations you prepare! 
Don’t forget to submit your designs here:

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