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Amazing Dynamic Visual Techniques For Power BI - Detailed Examples To Review

I wanted to run through some fantastic visualization techniques that you can incorporate into your Power BI models and reports.


The first one is what I call Multi-Threaded dynamic visuals and the second one is Multi-Measure dynamic visuals.


They have similar techniques; you slice both of them but they showcase things slightly differently. This is why I want to review them both at the same time. So you have an opportunity to compare and contrast how you can set up your visualizations utilizing these techniques inside of Power BI.


The first example, Multi-Threaded dynamic visuals is an amazing one. Never before have we had the opportunity to display information and insights in such a compelling way.


I absolutely love this technique and how you can showcase so much in just one report page and give the user the flexibility to select anything inside of their report. Plus, they have the choice to dynamically change all of the information that they might be looking at in one report page.


This is a really detailed tutorial around how to set this up. But trust me on this, you will not regret learning how this technique works and how you can utilize it in Power BI because there are many different ways that you can ultimately take it.



This next example on Multi-Measure dynamic reports is where you want to compare two different results on the same chart. But those results could be very different. They could be one of many calculations or measures that you have inside of your report. So, what I wanted to do is bring them into one visual, compare and contrast them and then change the selection to a different comparison maybe in the same visualization.


There's a little bit to this one in terms of the setup. But by understanding all the different imputs into this technique, you'll start to see the incredible possibilities that you have when you start utilizing DAX measures in the right visualizations.



These are really high-quality visualization techniques that I love to use inside of Power BI. I truly recommend understanding and incorporating these into your own reports. You will certainly impress many consumers around the quality of insights that you can showcase.



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