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A brief comparison of different available Business Intelligence tools

Robert Mika's wrote an article called Halloween Candies Count - A Tableau/MicroStrategy Dashboard Rebuilt in QlikView.  In this article he replicated A Tableau Dashboard Rebuilt in MicroStrategy over Qlikview to showcase the capability of Qlikview in delivering visualization of the same quality.  After reading this article, and being a Power BI enthusiast,  I decided to do the same thing with Microsoft Power BI.  I used the same data provided by Jeffrey Shaffer, author of the Tableau Version.




Tableau Version of dashboard





MicroStrategy Version of dashboard 





Qlikview Version of dashboard




Now, I tried to replicate the same version over Power BI. My initial thought while working was to develop exactly the same version of dashboard.




The grouped line chart is not available in Power BI, but I found a workaround by filtering out different line charts by year...

Markers are not available in Power BI, but not including the marker for the highest number of visitors did not change the overall story on the dashboard.


 Here is the Power BI version



Looking at images, someone who doesn't have any experience working on different BI tools would not be able to judge the tool used to visualize the data (all four platforms are showing exactly same view)


It was great fun to build this application on Power BI.


This activity made me realize that all these tools (Tableau, MicroStrategy, Qlikview and Power BI) are almost same except few things which make them stand unique in the market like Tableau is better in visualization, Qlikview has its associative data model and Power BI has the simplicity which lets a less technical guy to create amazing dashboards . Also, Power BI is really powerful when we talk about its integration with IoT (Internet of Things)-Real time Visual analytics. Right now, Power BI is the only BI tool which is providing real-time visual analytics


If you want to explore the Power BI version of the dashboard, please follow this link.