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Community Account Support

In this support article, we cover the following topics:

  • Changing Your True AAD Password
  • Changing jobs/Organizations
  • Merging Community Accounts
  • Changing Your Community Username
  • 'Need admin approval' message
  • No Sign-In Screen
  • Caught in a Loop
  • Creating an HAR file
  • I Still Need Help

Check out these links to help with community related support questions. If you still need assistance with your Power BI community account, see the 'I Still Need Help' in the last section in this article

Changing Your True AAD Password

This community leverages your work email account for your password. You don't have a separate password for this community, and we do not store any password information. Because you use your work email and password to log into the community, we recommend starting with the IT department of your work because there may be additional requirements put in place by your employer. Here is a link to how to update your Azure Active Directory (AAD) password:


Changing jobs/Organizations 

If you change jobs/organizations and have a new AAD account, you can contact us, and we will assist you with getting your new organization account linked to your existing community account.  Please fill out this community support form using this link:  We will guide you from there!


If you will be without an organizational account, follow the directions above under 'Need an Organizational Account > Registering for the community to create a new account.  You can contact us with our community support form: and you will need to provide us with your previous username and the email that was associated with it, as well as the username and email you just created and we will map the two together so you keep all your community contributions. 


Merging Community Accounts

There is no option for merging community accounts. It is ok to have multiple AAD accounts, but we recommend having and using just one. This is limited because of the complexity to manage these changes. More importantly, community users have difficulty knowing who they have interacted with, or who may have helped them in the past. In addition, our community moderators come to know the community members by name and if the community usernames are changing, they have to review content more deeply.



Changing Your Community Username

When choosing a username in the community, it is important that you ensure you are happy with your choice. Once your username is created, you are not able to change your community username. This is a standard practice as your username is tied to your community activity and reputation. If you feel as though you have a valid reason for wanting to change your community user name, please complete this community support form: with the specific reason for your request. Please provide your current username, your desired username, and a link to your community user profile. You can access your profile by selecting your avatar in the upper-right corner and selected "My Profile".


'Need admin approval' message












If you received this error, your tenant has a restriction on its members to give consent to third-party applications. Please have them contact their tenant admin and grant consent to the "Power BI Community" application.


The following steps can be used as a reference by the tenant admin if needed (screen UI may vary).

    1. Request your tenant admin to login to the Azure portal
    2. Select "Azure Active Directory" --> "Enterprise Applications"
    3. Search for "Power BI Community" and select it.
    4. Select Security -> Permissions --> User Consent
    5. Click 'Grant Admin consent for <tenant name>'
    6. Admin will be prompted to verify the login and give consent. After providing consent, the tenant Admin will be redirected to the Community (Please take the screenshot and share with us).

Now, you can sign in to the community from your browser.


No Sign-In Screen

If you are trying to log in using your organizational account, but not taken to a screen with your login ID, Microsoft is not allowing access to the Power BI Community because your organization is in an unmanaged state. An administrator needs to claim ownership of the company by DNS validation before the application Power BI Community can be provisioned.


In the meantime, if you would like to continue to contribute and participate in the community, you can create a new (temporary) AAD account and then sign in to the community with that AAD account by following the directions above under 'Need an Organizational Account > Registering for the community. Once you are done, please complete and submit the community support form at: with your previous username and the email that was associated with it, as well as the username and email you just created and we will map the two together so you keep all your community contributions.  Once your Tenant Admin resolves the issue on your side, please let us know. We can then re-map your actual AAD account back to the community profile. You will not lose any of your contributions (posts/kudos/ etc.) in this process.


Caught in a Loop

If you are returned to the community home page when trying to log in to your community account, please try clearing your cache. If this doesn't resolve the issue, please submit a form to our community support:  and we will contact you.


Creating an HAR file

If you are asked to provide and HAR file, the following steps will guide you: 


Step One: Open a new InPrivate window (Edge), new Private Window (Firefox), or new incognito window (Chrome).

Step Two: Navigate to

Step Three:  Right-click anywhere on your screen and select 'Inspect element' or 'Inspect'


 *Note: This page could either open on the side of your screen or the bottom 2/3rds of your screen. If you are using Edge, and you don't see the option, you might have to load about: flags in the address bar and enable the inspect element option by checking the box for "Show 'View source and Inspect element'".


Inspect Element.png


Step Four: Select 'Network' then select Preserve log.




Step Five: If using Edge, you can select the floppy disk icon for 'Export as Har' now.

In Firefox, right click on any of the network elements on the list and select 'Save All As HAR'.

In Chrome, place a checkbox in the 'Preserve log' box, located on the row below 'Performance'.

Preserve log Chrome.png



* If applicable, pull the 'Inspect' page down so that you can see Power BI again.


Step Six: Select 'Sign In'.

Sign In.png



Step Seven: Then select 'Sign in to your Organization account'.

Sign In2.png


Step Eight: Enter the credentials to your AAD account.

Sign In3.PNG

* When you are returned to the Power BI log in page again, pull the 'Inspect' page back up or over.


Step Nine: In the 'Filter' field, type 'oauth2'. No need to press 'Enter' or 'Return', results will be rendered as you type.




If 'oauth2 is rendered in the results, click on it.




Then right-click and select 'Save all as HAR with content' or 'Save All As HAR', depending on your browser.

Save all as HAR with content.png


Step Ten: Please submit a form to our  community support:  and we will contact you.


I still need help

If you are still need support for your Power BI community account, or have a question that isn't covered here, please submit your inquiry .  Please provide as much detail as possible (i.e.time zone, email address you have tried to link, browser, screenshots, etc.  This will help us solve your problem more quickly!

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