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Welcome to the Charticulator Design Challenge! 

The Charticulator Design Challenge has officially closed, but please explore the submissions in the Entries Tab and continue to give Kudos to your favorites!

Charticulator is a powerful tool for you to create custom charts for your reports. By representing data as glyphs and structuring the way they are repeated based on other data, you can create a diverse set of data visualizations along any permutation of mark and layout options, no code required.            

There were a total of 17 Charticulator Design submissions in the Challenge, all of which were creative and highlighted the powerful capabilities of Charticulator.

The finalists for the Challenge were chosen by the Power BI Community, the Product Team, and a Power BI MVP.

Best Technical & Design

  1. dm-p *Best Technical*
  2. KerKol
  3. ruthpozuelo

Top Kudos by Community

  1. Vandalytic
  2. VahidDM
  3. KerKol
  4. dm-p

Challenge Participation

  1. Vandalytic
  2. VahidDM
  3. KerKol
  4. dm-p
  5. ruthpozuelo
  6. lasersharks
  7. FarhanAhmed
  8. AlisonBox
  9. Tahreem24
  10. chance

Congratulations to all of the finalists!  Please visit the Entries Tab and continue to show the finalists support by giving Kudos.