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Which Years Are Better?

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An Arrow Chart built with Charticulator. You can use the slider in the Slicer to select comparison years. The arrow will be coloured red and point to the left in years where the Sales value is less in the later year (this is only true when comparing 2018 and 2019).

The reason why I particularly like this visual is that it’s similar to an Arrow chart shown in Steve Wexler’s book, “The Big Picture”, just as in the case of my Jitter plot entry.  Following on from Wexler’s recommendations, I believe that visuals should tell the story of the data as simply and clearly as possible.

The visual was built using DAX to generate “Y/N” flags to conditionally control the colour and visibility of attributes of the glyph and link line, depending on the selection in the Slicer.

The data is fictitious.