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Fortune Top Companies Slope Chart

Slope Chart Report Link

This Charticulator Slope chart helps to track the performance of previous vs. current year (or any two years).


Right Verticle Line - Shows Current Year (i.e. 2020 year)

Left Verticle Line - Shows Previous Year (i.e. 2019 year)

On each line you can see Top 11 company names along with thier rank. 




Green Line - Shows company performed well as compare to last year. For example - was on rank 5 last year 2019 but in ear 2020 it came on rank 2. 

Red Line - Likewise, Alphabet was on rank 8 last year but this year it came on 11 which is low.


You can also play with Status slicer. Click on Negative shows all companies whose ranks got decreased this year.



Likewise, Positive status shows all those companies whose ranks got increased as compare to last year.




I hope you guys will love it.

Please share you thoughts on it.


Thank you!



Nice chart to compare before and after value.


Excellent chart new way to compare yearly trend. Nice work. 

Thank you both!

Looks pretty interesting.

Thank you dear!