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Participate in challenges and sweepstakes

Activity Wheel

Activity wheel live report 

activity wheel img.jpg


And last but not least:
Can I track distance and number of activities by year/ month and week to visualize all in one go?


It takes some brain power to read it, but it does work 🙂 


I did not have enogh time to polish everything, but hopefully it shows the type of complexity that charticulator can handle.

The design is based from a viz made by Yvan Fornes, a tableau zen master.



Hi Ruth


Brilliant work as always 🙂 !!!


I have a radar chart with just 3 categorical outlines but I am unable to firstly switch on data labels and do a color fill for area of the categories (only the outline is coloured). How do I achieve the data labels and color?


Radar Chart_Charticulator.PNG