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A simple but effective Matrix in Charticulator

View the live report here


A simple but effective matrix visual built using Charticulator.  The matrix comprises three categories; Accident Type, Road Type and Year.  I used a gradient fill to show the values, and coloured borders to identify the Accident Type. 

Data comes from here:

This chart uses both x- and y- categorical axes with a rectangle mark as the glyph.  The top x-axis showing the Accident Type uses a text mark anchored to the glyph and using the Visibility attribute (and Conditioned by…) only shows for “70 mph”. 


Hope this is interesting, I haven't found how to embed the pbix, but contact me if you would like a copy to play with.




This is very useful for me. i loved this visual. I am unable to vote for it. it gives me 🚫 when i hover over the 👍


so i decided to leave a comment


You are able to give kudos now!  Thank you for leaving a comment to show support.