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time intelligence quick measure

Hey guys, I have a queston about the time intelleigence quic kmeasure. I want to calculated monthly percentage change in new and return visitors and draw a line chart to show the trend, here is the syntax:


Returning Visitors MoM% =
ISFILTERED('New_Returns (2)'[Time Period]),
ERROR("Time intelligence quick measures can only be grouped or filtered by the Power BI-provided date hierarchy."),
SUM('New_Returns (2)'[Returning Visitors]),
DATEADD('New_Returns (2)'[Time Period].[Date], -1, MONTH)
SUM('New_Returns (2)'[Returning Visitors]) - __PREV_MONTH,



The problem is, when I put the time period into the axis instead of powerbi's own date hierachy, here comes the error:


Time Intelleignce quick measure can only be grouped or filtered by the Pwer BI-provided date hierachy.


I am wondering if anyone know how to use user's own time period to draw the graph. Thanks a lot!