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Making line chart act like waterfall chart

Hi anyone.


So, I'm new to this forum (so sorry if i have posted in the wrong area) and I am new to Power BI with very little understanding of DAX at all.


I am now desparate for help to enable me to turn a line chart into something that acts a bit like a waterfall chart but with a line for target over the year vrs actual.  So if may was 10 units and April was 10 units I would see the line going straight up not month on month across.


 I have a column of dates:


09 September 2016

01 October 2016

and so on for over 10,000 dates


I aslo have unit numbers (houses Built)  which relate to these dates so on each rolw there is nothing more than the number 1.


So this shows me how many houses built.  If there is no date on the row where the is a 1, it means it has not been built yet.


My year starts from April to April but I suspect that is a diffrent question.


WHat is the correct measure or ne column that i need.  Having this solved will really help me undertsand DAX better.  I am currently on a course so will improve soon!!  ALso, never done any programming at all, even excell!!