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About Blog Rolls

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What is a blogroll?

A blogroll is a list of links to blogs that we find interesting and want to share. The list is automatically updated with the latest posts, and sorted so the most recently updated blogs appear at the top of the list.


Who is on this blogroll?

We’re happy to share links to excellent blogs that are written by members of the Power BI community. These authors write on Power BI, data analysis, data storytelling, DAX, R, custom visuals, and more!


How can my blog be included?

If you run a blog on Power BI or a related subject, request your content to be added here: We’ll review your content, and add you to the list! Please keep in mind that our blogroll is a way for us to help spotlight high quality content from our community members, and we reserve the right to decline a request to be added.


My blog is not in English, can it still be included?

Yes! Power BI is used around the world, and our community reflects that fact.


Comments / questions?

Let us know what you think of this latest feature for your community!


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Re: About Blog Rolls

Love this idea

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Re: About Blog Rolls

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I am new to Forums & Communities in Power BI site but active in TechNet and MSDN forums. I am interested in wrting articles in Power BI and it's integration with SharePoint Smiley Wink


I would like to know if we can publish articles in this forum and also in which section we post our questions/clarifications. Please guide.


Thank you!