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Business Applications Colors.png

Contest Color Guidelines


Please choose from the following colors when designing your T-shirt.


Business Applications Colors.png

To avoid disqualification, be sure to adhere to the color and contest guidelines.




can you share the logos as SVG?


@mwegener We didn’t want to limit your creativity with restrictions around logo and icon usage, and instead wanted to give you free reign to create your own designs.

Isn't the Dynamics color Hex #002050?

@ttsmfpride The main Dynamics 365 color is Hex #008272, but #ffffff, #ebebeb, #75757a, #3c3c41, #fef000, and #30e5d0 are also part of the palette.

Damit ! I didn't see this post 😕

I need to chage all my entries.




Can anyone please send me link to enroll in this contest.


Thank you,


@dearwatson Thank you so much for sharing your artwork. Your concept artist did an amazing job. Unfortunately, in order to keep things fair and to ensure that the T-shirts are ready for MBAS, we cannot accept late submissions. However, I have shared your image with the rest of the team. This will certainly not be the last opportunity that you'll have to participate in a challenge or contest. Keep an eye on our News & Announcements section for future community events. Thanks for being a member of our community!

Fair enough :`( Thanks for sharing the image with the team. 

We are refining this idea anyway so we can enter future stuff with them.