Build a visual for Power BI for a chance to win $5,000

Love data visualization and want a chance to win $5,000? All you need to do is build a visual that shows off your creativity and skill, and integrate it with Power BI. Your visual could even be included within Power BI, giving you serious bragging rights with your friends. There's also a people's choice award, more on that below!

What is the Power BI Best Visual contest?

The contest lets you test your creativity and coding skill by creating a custom visualizations for Power BI. Power BI is a free service for business users, analysts, and developers created by Microsoft. Your visualizations could ship to Power BI users world-wide! Take a look at if you've not already.

What is do I need to do?

You will need to build a custom visual that integrates with Power BI. Your visual should at least implement the IVisual interface (example). You will need to open source your submission under MIT license and post it in a public repo on GitHub. To enter, you'll also need to create a quick video demonstrating your visual and post to YouTube. Details and resources are located below.

When is it?

The contest starts on September 9/3, 2015 and runs until September 9/17 @ 11:59pm PST, so 3 calendar weeks. You can submit up to 3 separate submissions (your first 3 submissions will be evaluated).

What are the prizes?

You will compete for 3 prizes and weekly people's choice awards. The grand prize is $5,000, runner up is $2,500 and third place is $1,000. The prizes are judged by Microsoft based on the criteria listed below. You can also get one of the weekly people's choice awards, which give out $1,000 to the submission that receives the most favorites on Twitter at the end of each week. Each submitter can win at most one of these awards.

How do I get started?

You'll need the following:

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Submission requirements

Submit your entries here --link>--.

Your entry consist of:

  1. Your code in a public repo on GitHub licensed under the MIT license.
  2. A video hosted on YouTube that demonstrates your visual.
  3. A tweet containing the hash tags #PowerBI #BestVisual2015

You can submit up to 3 entries. Your first 3 entries will be included in the contest. Only your first tweet for your entry will count towards your people's choice award. So make it a good one!


Prizes: Judging will be based on creativity, applicability, and technical excellence. The judges will be experts in visualization and web development from within Microsoft.

People's choice award

To enter into the people's choice award, you will need to send a tweet from the Twitter handle you submitted in your entry. The Tweet should include the following hash tags: #PowerBI #BestVisual2015.At the close of each week (9/10, 9/17, 9/24, at 4:00pm PST) we will judge submissions by the number of retweets of the initial tweet. Duplicate tweets be disqualified. People's choice winners can win at most one award during the contest.

Getting Help

Ask questions here --link--.


You submission must meet the follow high-level criteria:

  • The full set of official rules are here: --link--.

Contest Rules

These are the contest rules.