Tadpole Spark Grid "Plus" by Angry Koala

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This visualization is based on our previous entry but adds a very useful new feature. This version has an option in the control panel to turn on something called overlay mode. When in overlay mode, the visualization groups the measure columns by 2 and overlays them on top of each other. So for example, you could overlay This Years Sales onto Last Years Sales. Or maybe overlay an Actual measure over a Budget. The first, comparison measure is shown in a light grey continuous thickness line, and the second is shown with the usual color coded highlights, but with one exception. The colors are now based on whether the second measure is higher/lower than the first measure. This can be very useful when the foreground chart is moving in an upward direction, but is still lower values than the comparison measure.


Hopefully I'm just getting this in before the 1st October midnight deadline.  :-)


YouTube Demo Video:



GitHub public fork (also in a new branch called plus):





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